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Zhenjiang DH Marine is located in the Yangtze River foreshore with beautiful surroundings and convenient transportation

Our company specializes in designing & manufacturing Marine deck machinery; Such as the davit, winch, gangway ladder and rudder etc. company with strong technical and production capability. We have a wide range of products, covering whole range of industrial standards, offering products in package as well as is series.

In DH Marine, We have an excellent team working together under a world class management system, solid quality management ,advance production faculties and precise testing procedures; all these translated into excellent product quality, competitive pricing, on-time delivery and superb after sales services.

Our company slogan is such that values are derived from technologies, and DH Marine forms on the base of integrity. Our approach is always people first, deploying scientific management theory and standardizes production procedures. Product quality is our first priority, and our approach to customer is based on the principle of integrity, and continuously striking for better customer satisfaction. We had implemented ISO9001:2000 standard to provide a world class service and product standard to our customers. Our promise to our customer is: DH Marine will provide high function over price ratio of our product and satisfactory international after sales service

Our products includes: anchor windlass, mooring winch, Acc. Ladder(telescopic and level moving),rudders(flap rudder, fishtail rudder),davits(free-fall lifeboat, Gravity Type Davit, Connecting Rod Tyoe Davit.

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Contacts: Mr Xu
Mobil: 13912806561
Tel: 0511-84318696
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Add: Xingye Road, Shangdang Industrial Park, Dantu Zone,Zhenjiang City,Jiangsu

Fishtail Rudder
Flap Rudder
Mooring Winch
Moement Crane
Connecting Rod Type Davit
Conneting Rod Type Davit
Liferaft Davit
Free fall Davit
Telesopic Boat Davit
Single Arm Slewing Davit
Room Crane
Telescopic BOOM Crane
Knuchle BOM Crane
Fixed Boom Crane
hydraulic telesopic&knuckle crane

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Add: Xingye Road, Shangdang Industrial Park, Dantu Zone,Zhenjiang City,Jiangsu Contacts: Mr Xu Mobil: 13912806561 Tel: 0511-84318696  Fax: 0511-84318696